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Have you noticed rodents can access to your home through holes as small as ¼ inch?

As the climate cools down, Rats and mice want to penetrate your home in order to feed themselves and have a place to nest. Rodents are not only repulsive, but they also carry over 40 illnesses, including Lyme disease, salmonella, tapeworm, bubonic plague, asthma, and hantavirus.

  • Rodent communities in the wild are kept under control by natural predators, however in personal residences where food is abundant, temperatures are enough sustainable for rodents increase their nest.
  • Mice will give birth to 3-14 young per offspring and will deliver a new litter about once per month.
  • Norway rats will give birth to 2-30 young per offspring and will also deliver a new litter about once per month.
  • House mice will leave 35-90 fecal droppings at night and will leave 3000 droplets of urine in 24 hours (just picture them running around the food counter)

Our Residential And Commercial Protection Plan will prevent and regulate mice and rat infestations in your home or workplace.

Our qualified professionals will conduct a meticulous inspection and plan a rodent control program that will be efficient and responsible in order to preserve the health and safeness of your home and family.

Call us today and ask one of our agents to provide a service that meets the pest control necessities of your home or business.

We suggest the following precautionary procedures for your home and workplace in order to stop infestations from developing and growing


  • Trim trees and shrubs at least four away from structures.
  • Close garbage cans and exclude any debris away from the surface of a building.
  • Weather-strip outer doorways.
  • Cover cracks around doors, windows, ventilators, and outside plumbing entrance locations.
  • Seal all windows and ventilators.
  • Keep food, garbage, including birdseed in covered containers if you have birdfeeders clean up birdseed that falls onto the ground.
  • Store food products, including beverage, snack, sugar, spices, jelly, etc. in a closed tight lidded solid plastic or metal containers.
  • Wash all food leftover from places where you eat, work, furniture, preparation areas on a daily basis.
  • Do not get rid of wet or moist beverages or meals in garbage wastebaskets alternatively, clean up food and drink holders in a washbasin before throwing them away.
  • Try to void all food debris from the floor every day. This involves areas below storage cabinets and behind appliances as much as possible.
  • fix outside and inside moisture problems including leaking flashing, obstructed gutters, and downspouts, rooftop leaks, plumbing leaks.

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