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Beetle Control

If you have noticed an infestation of beetles in your home or business, you might want to hire a professional beetle control service to eliminate them. While most beetles are harmless, a number of species can damage household and building materials. These pests can be a nuisance for both residents and business owners, but they can be easily controlled. Our family-owned pest control company provides residential and commercial pest control services. Our technicians use environmentally friendly methods to get rid of pests without damaging the environment or causing damage to your property.

Our specialists are experienced in dealing with various types of pests, and we use only the best pesticides and equipment. We also educate our clients on how to prevent re-infestations. Our professional beetle control in NJ is an excellent option for homeowners and business owners. We can provide a quote on the services that are needed and the price is based on the type of service that is required. The cost of our professional services depends on the type of service that you need and the size of your house or business. We can eliminate the infestation of beetles and other insects in your home. They are not only annoying but also spread germs and pose a threat to both humans and animals.

Fortunately, there are a number of professional beetle control services in  NJ, so you can get rid of these pests for good. Our beetle control in NJ is a professional service that will get rid of beetles in a safe and effective manner. We use environmentally safe products and have been serving the  area for over a year. Our beetle control in NJ offers eco-friendly treatment packages for residential and commercial properties. These packages include quarterly visits, ant extermination, and a treatment application three to five feet from the foundation of your home.

To a certain degree, Beetles can be helpful to homeowners as they feed on other insects that can damage outdoor plants or insects that may enter the home. However, Beetles can be troublesome and a headache to deal with.

In more chill, wet weather, they can invade the home in search of food and shelter. Also, they can likely swarm and cluster outside of the house in warmer, dry weather.

Beetles can cause damage to your garden, grass or landscape and even parts of the home if they cluster and swell. Besides, Beetles not only become a bother to deal with in your home but living with this issue can have adverse effects on your health and happiness. Have GET’M Termite and Pest Control handle all your beetle extermination needs today!

Effectiveness of  Our Beetle Control

The Asian longhorned beetle is a devastating insect and is currently affecting the trees in NJ. New Jersey agriculture officials have issued a quarantine area for the city and are working to control the spread of the insect. During the quarantine period, residents cannot transport firewood, green lumber, nursery stock, logs, or roots. We are a family-owned pest control company in NJ that specializes in pest control and wildlife removal. Our technicians are fully trained and know how to spot signs of infestation. We use a combination of modern methods and effective products to eliminate cockroaches, fleas, and ants from your home or business. We also handle bed bug exclusion, termite control, and yard spray services.

Beetles can cause damage to your home or business. Our beetle control in NJ is a professional solution that will help protect your property and your family. With our services, you can live a safe, stress-free life without worrying about beetles again. Our team will handle any type of beetle problem, from residential to commercial. You can rest assured that our technicians will treat your home or business and get it back to normal as soon as possible. Our beetle control in NJ will also help you prevent infestation. You can prevent beetles from becoming a nuisance by sealing cracks and holes around doors and pipes. By sealing these cracks and pipes, you will also make your home safer to live in.

Beetle control is a crucial part of pest control. These little pests, a part of the insect order Coleoptera, can cause a great deal of damage to homes, buildings, and other household items. Fortunately, it’s possible to prevent beetles from becoming a major problem in your home or business by using the right preventative measures and treatment methods.

Get Rid of Beetles With Our Beetle Control

To get rid of these pests, you should contact an experienced Get’m pest control. Our beetle control will offer several treatments that will help get rid of a variety of different types of pests. Depending on the size of your property, a comprehensive service plan can be customized for you. Typically, ant extermination will be part of the plan, as well a treatment application three to five feet away from the home’s foundation. The pest control service company will also use environmentally friendly products to help keep your home and yard safe.


Beetles are a part of the Coleoptera, which is recognized to be the largest group of insects. Beetles can be found anywhere and everywhere, as they are the most common type of insect. However, they are commonly confused with cockroaches due to their comparable size and color.



There are a vast array of colors, shapes, and sizes amongst this species. Adult Beetles can be identified by the look and feel of their wings and wing covers. Taking into consideration that all winged insects have two sets of wings. Beetles are set apart from those insects finding their outer set of wings are hard and thick, serving as a protective shield covering their flying wings as they are incredibly fragile.

These insects also have chewing mouthparts and well-developed antennas.


What Are The Most Common Types Of Beetles?

First, we must take into consideration there are more than 25,000 Beetle species found in North America alone.

The most common type found around a home belongs to one of the three primary groups of Beetles such as:

  • Food Product Beetles
  • Wood Destroying Beetles
  • Fabric Infesting Beetles

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