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Indian Meal Moths are the most current pests of stored food in the world. The wings are held back over the body when it rests on a surface. The exposed half of the forewings is a coppery-red color, while the half closer to the body is creamy-white.

How To Get Rid Of Moths

Call or Book Us Now GE T’M PEST CONTROL if you have a moth infestation, particularly in a food preparation area. , we have a program designed explicitly for moth problems in kitchens and other eating areas. It is a vaporous, odorless liquid that is appropriate to deal with this particular issue.

Moths go through what is called ‘complete metamorphosis’. The adult moths lay eggs which develop into larvae.

The larvae (and not the egg or the adult) feed on foods in your home. The presence of adult moths shows some infested food somewhere. The laundry list of possible foods that these moths can attack includes just about – grains, nuts, fruits, and other products from plants.

The adult meal moth usually avoids lights, so you won’t find it at the entrance light or banging into your reading lamp. They will infest:

  • Flour and other baking meals – brownie mix, cornbread mix, cake mix, powdered milk, etc.
  • Nuts – whether in the shell or out of it, within packages, within candy bars or cookies
  • Grain products – pet food, bread, crackers, chips, birdseed
  • Spices – peppers, paprika, etc
  • Dried flowers – bouquet arrangements, as well as other decorative arrangements of wheat stalks, flowers, acorns, nuts, pine cones, dried corn, etc.
  • The larva of the Indian Meal Moth has no spots on its body but is smooth, white, pinkish, cream-colored, or even with a greenish tint.



  • Find the cause of the problem and throw away any infested food. There are sometimes more than one source including flours and cake mixes, nuts, grain products, spices, dried flowers, pasta.
  • Vacuum-clean all the cupboards to eliminate food debris.
  • Have Eastern come and develop a treatment with an odorless, vapor less material that is appropriate to be used in food areas.



  • Grains, pasta, nuts, and other foods should be sealed in impermeable containers and stored in dry, cool locations.
  • Don’t allow products to sit on your shelves for several periods of time.
  • Check products for signs of insects in order not to allow an infestation to grow.
  • Clean up small spills of food debris commonly including under microwaves and toaster ovens and other areas.
  • Examine food for infestations particularly “health” or ‘organic” foods that have not gone through processing that might eliminate meal moths.


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