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Ants Infesting Your Home? Call Get'm Pest Control

Many homeowners don’t have the acknowledge to getting rid of ants. Also, they don’t know that buying sprays or repellents in the nearest store can actually make ant problems even worse. This is called “budding” where foraging ants get in contact with these repellents separate from their swarms and start new colonies. Rather than improving your problem, you are making it worse.

Ants can notably become an annoyance when they start getting into the house throughout the spring and summer months. carpenter ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants and pharaoh ants, homeowners definitely have their work cut out for them when it comes to ant extermination and preventing reoccurring infestations.

Call Get'm Now For Ant Treatment

When you call Get’m Pest Control for ant treatment and elimination, you can expect it to be performed securely and efficiently in few minutes; our technician will be more than happy to help you out with this infestation.

First, we go forward with a free inspection to precisely recognize your pest problem, which is key to implementing the right treatment. Then our professionals will treat the outside of the house, which is where the ant’s nest. After the procedure is done outside the property, you won’t even notice the chemical is there, because it is virtually odorless. Also the craziest part it is undetectable by ants as well, the ants will contact the treatment on the way out to their colony where they spread the rest of the chemical to the swarm.


Follow our recommendations, and the pest will be away from your property.

Inside the home:

  • Keep the interior of the house clear of particles and drink spills.
  • Constantly take out the garbage.
  • If you recycle, make sure to rinse glass jars and cans properly.


Outside the home:

  • Cover doorways and windows; ants can sneak into the tiniest areas.
  • Clean rain gutter frequently to prevent moisture spreading within the walls.
  • Exclude “bridges” to your home by trimming trees and plants that are making contact to the house.
  • Raise firewood off the ground and away from home

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